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The Story

What / why —By Mnemosyne (BY "M") provides a range of creative and strategic services—from research and data distillation, brand and business development, to pitch and business communications—for academics, changemakers, investors, and startups.


Within the business landscapes of today and tomorrow, design thinking, powerful storytelling, and business intelligence pose key for competitive and qualitative success. The ability to engage, retain, and captivate one's audience is essential.  


While creativity serves as a catalyst for business and social goals, BY "M" recognizes that mnemonic storytelling and learning aid in the engagement and retention of key content, as well as business and initiative outcomes. Mnemonic's etymology is derived from Mnemosyne—Titan goddess of memory and mother of the Muses.


BY “M” was created in 2013 to serve STEM (Science. Technology. Engineering. Mathematics.) related industries and initiatives, full STEAM ahead (The Arts.), by way of the arts and sciences—Mnemosyne’s daughters.



“Today, if you want to succeed as an entrepreneur you also have to be a storyteller.”

—Richard Branson

There are many ways to tell and sell a story.

Data Viz




Research & Strategy

A Fragrance Startup's Creative Story and Launch at Barneys New York


Storytelling & Design

  1. Branding (Print & Digital)

  2. Data Viz

  3. Pitch Decks

  4. Presentations & Reports

Strategic Development

  1. Business Design

  2. Brand building

  3. Data Transmutation

  4. Ideation


  1. Data mining

  2. Design Research

  3. Market Research

  4. socio-historical Research


  1. Storytelling

  2. Presentation design

  3. Contextualizing data

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