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Case Study

Mwani Zanzibar

Climate Action & Resilience Planning

Communications & Storytelling

Creative Direction

Strategic Development

Zero Waste & Supply Chain Planning


Mwani Zanzibar is a small macroalgae and plant-based skincare company with big impact. Formerly known as the Seaweed Center of Zanzibar, which evolved from a NGO, Mwani Zanzibar is on a mission to create a resilient blue economy—helping people and the planet. Its skincare collection, which is scientifically formulated by an international team and made with the purest indigenous African ingredients, is hand crafted in nutrient-rich micro-batches by the Mwani Zanzibar Mamas—a small collective of women who dual as both seaweed farmers and artisans.


Scope of work

  • Market research

  • Creative Direction​ & Storytelling (i.e., film, photography, narrative, etc.)

  • Sustainable Development Consulting

  • Strategic Advisement


  • Officially launched in October 2023, to an international market, Mwani Zanzibar is at the beginning of a new journey forward. But even prior, the company has been mentioned in a variety of media outlets including BBC News, Suitcase, and Atmos. Visit Mwani Zanzibar's News page via the link here.



Mwani Zanzibar is one of the first beauty companies in the world to use 100% post-consumer recycled glass bottles. Pending demand, the company may be able to upgrade its packaging system to include 100% post-consumer recycled dispensers in the future. A certified member of Climate Partner, Mwani Zanzibar has worked extensively with its packaging manufactures to reduce its carbon footprint.


Understanding that change and development do not happen overnight, and sustainable options available in the global market remain scarce and expensive, Mwani Zanzibar is committed to its ongoing journey as a planet and people-focused company, with aims and objectives in line with the following UN Sustainable Development Goals (1, 5, 6, 8, 9, 12,14, and 17).

Beyond the Surface of Typical Beauty Industry Narratives

An international team of creatives were gathered to help introduce the world to Mwani Zanzibar and the Mamas’ story, through non-narrative film and photography. This short documentary invites viewers behind the scenes of the collaborative effort and introduces them to some members of the Mwani Zanzibar team. 

Perspective on Mwani

11 min

Shot in Zanzibar, 2022 | Produced 2023

Model | Herieth Paul

Creative Director | Danelle Marqui Brown | By Mnemosyne

Director of Photography | Toufic Araman | AStudio

Cinematographer & Editor | Shane Miller  | Shane Miller Studio

Makeup Artist | Jean Kairouz | AStudio


Mwani Zanzibar X Herieth Paul
“Beyond the Surface of Beauty”

1 min

Shot in Zanzibar, 2022 | Released 2023

Cast | The Mwani Zanzibar Mamas

Creative Director | Danelle Marqui Brown | By Mnemosyne

Director of Photography | Toufic Araman | AStudio

Cinematographer & Editor | Shane Miller  | Shane Miller Studio

Makeup Artist | Mildred Agalo


Meet the Makers

1 min

Shot in Zanzibar, 2022 | Released 2023


“Mwani” is Swahili for “seaweed.” Seaweed is regarded as one of the Ocean’s miracles. Aside from being the source of most of the world’s oxygen—making it a key asset in decarbonization and fighting climate change—seaweed has numerous benefits for our skin as well.


For generations, the Mwani Zanzibar Mamas have farmed seaweed in tune with the moon and the tides of the Indian Ocean. Through Mwani Zanzibar, profits are reinvested into a variety of environmental and social impact initiatives, working with local farmers and suppliers, in some cases at 33 times their traditional pay!

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